The AK Project
AK (The AK Project) In Loving Memory of Solveig Zarah Keshavjee
AK (The AK Project)
In Loving Memory of:
Solveig Zarah Keshavjee

The AK Project is an alternative progressive, art, ambient rock band that explores various musical influences which come together in a unique blend of styles and genres.

More about AK:

The Stepney British-born, now living in Canada,(multi-instrumentalist) session musician saw his life change before his eyes, and his path laid out before him by watching and listening to the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Prog Rock giants like Pink Floyd, Genesis, Rush, Yes, Tangerine Dream and others perform musical magic on the BBC and on the radio. AK was also moved by world, classical, blues, jazz and Spanish guitar music and rhythm, specifically Flamenco.

AK at the time barely old enough to hold a guitar, this epiphany of progressive music and all in-between was enough to chart a clear musical course for AK through his youth.Since the early 80’s AK has performed, recorded and toured professionally with a number of bands. He has also honed his craft as a session musician and developed an innate talent and understanding of numerous genres of music including progressive rock, metal, classical, jazz, blues and world music. His command of instruments such as guitar, bass and keyboards is second to none. His diversity as a musician sets him apart and has made him a compelling artist.

The AK Project shows has grown significantly with help from companies like ‘XYZ RGB’ (a 3D company who have worked on films like, The Lord Of The Rings, Batman Begins, King Kong and more), and NOC Visuals for the live element of The AK project. An immense amount of time and effort is spent on the visual element of these shows to produce a spectacular performance and a truly magnificent experience.

AK’s first solo album with The AK Project, Outside The Cage, has enjoyed both critical and commercial success. The AK Project’s 2nd CD, ‘A Thunderous Exchange Of Silence’ explores darker themes and concepts with heavier musical elements.