Solveig’s Music

Solveig Zarah Keshavjee

The AK Project – A Thunderous Exchange of Silence

Solveig and I came up with a concept about what it would be like when people just don’t communicate but the silence when they saw each other would be deafening. Solveig was a master at writing melodies and creating lyrical stories and journeys. Her ability to write ‘in character’ was simply outstanding…her vocal delivery is incredible on this album and every album we did!

This was a definitive AK & SK collaboration from start to end, from the writing, recording, production, studio work…every facet. Solveig was a keen observer and a careful craftsmith of every detail…without her, this album would never have happened…it may say AK…but it is absolutely Solveig and her heart all the way! The AK/SK Project…The SK Project!